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About Us


The Westfield Memorial Library Foundation is an independent charitable organization founded by a group of Westfield residents in cooperation with the Westfield Memorial Library. The Foundation’s primary mission is to ensure long-term financial support for Library projects, programs and services. Funds at times will also help maintain services jeopardized by increasing budgetary restraints. Funds raised from private donors are meant to supplement, not replace, public funding for the Library. But in today’s economic climate, the Library is under increased pressure to maintain its exceptional level of service with fewer resources. The Foundation thus seeks the support of all individuals and groups who share an appreciation for the Library’s special place within the community. The Foundation will partner with the Library and help support such worthy endeavors as:

  • Capital projects and improvements
  • Staff development
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Enhanced programming
  • Enriched information and educational resources
  • Unforeseen costs that outpace annual budgets

Please consider donating to the Foundation. Your gift will benefit not just the Library and its many patrons, but the Westfield community as a whole for years to come. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible and will be used to benefit the Library.

Executive Board Members

  • Amanda Ayers (President)
  • Jamie Salzman (Vice President)
  • Diane Quinn (Treasurer)
  • Francesca Azzara (Secretary)
  • Rebecca Reissman
  • Kate Brochu
  • Lauren Feldman Rogers
  • Brett Vasquez
  • Linnea Rhodes
  • Tom Smith
  • Roger Sullivan (Founder)
  • Phil Israel (Director, Westfield Memorial Library)
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