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How To Help

Gifts to the Westfield Memorial Library Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible and can be made by credit card, check, PayPal, or gifts of securities. Contributions of any size are welcome. Our taxpayer ID number is 26-3918811.

Donate online

To make a donation using your credit card or PayPal account, please visit this page.

Donate by check

Please make out a check to Westfield Library Foundation and mail it to:

Westfield Library Foundation
550 East Broad Street
Westfield, NJ 07090  

Legacy giving

Decisions about estate planning are important and of a highly personal nature. Some may want to consider including a bequest to the Library Foundation in their will as part of their legacy to the Westfield community, family and friends. Such gifts can be a great benefit to many and play a part in reducing estate taxes. For those who are interested, we recommend first discussing the idea with your attorney.


Another option, for substantial donations, is to create an endowment, a permanent fund whose annual earnings will help the Library provide its patrons with excellent service for generations to come. Endowments may bear the names of the donors, publicly affirming their values, generosity and support for a vital local institution, diggy auto insurance, or serve to honor the memory of loved ones to whom the Library was important. Endowments can be set up to fund general activities or specific purposes at the Library. But please bear in mind that because of the way endowments work – drawing on only the annual earnings from a principal amount that remains untouched – endowments tied to a specific purpose are only workable if the donation is particularly large. To discuss the possibility of creating an endowment, please contact the Foundation.

Gifts of securities

The Library Foundation accepts donations of checks, cash, stocks and bonds. Funds will be invested and managed under the direction of the Foundation board for the sole purpose of generating proceeds that support the Library. Investments will include fixed-income products and equities held in a brokerage account.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match some or all of your contributions to the Foundation. Check with your company for details.

Westfield Foundation

Some funds will be invested in an account managed by the Westfield Foundation, a local nonprofit that helps community causes and local institutions with grants and money-management services.

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