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Westfield Memorial Library Foundation Adds New Members; Creates Advisory Board

The Westfield Memorial Library Foundation (WMLF) is pleased to announce that it has added 8 new members to its board since the start of its October 1 fiscal year.  In October, the Foundation was pleased to welcome Diane Quinn, Amanda Conley Ayers and Jamie Salzman to its board, and in April the Foundation welcomed Brett Vasquez, Rebecca Reissman, Tara Kelly, Lauren Feldman Rogers, and Kate Brochu. 

Roger Sullivan –President of the WMLF  stated that that all 8 new board members  are truly committed to “giving back” to the community, and to helping the Foundation achieve its mission.

Separately, the Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a special Advisory Board. The role of this body is to allow retired board members to provide counsel to active Foundation members as needed. The three initial members of the Advisory Board are all “founding members“ of the Foundation,  and include Lynn Kolterjahn, Julian Hershey and Thomas Smith. 

Roger Sullivan wants to extend his sincerest gratitude to the members of the Advisory Board for their role in the creation of the WMLF, and for their unselfish commitment to “giving back” to the Westfield community.  He is also anxious to help all new board members assume leadership roles on Foundation board as soon as possible.  In this way, he feels the Foundation can forge an effective partnership with the Westfield library and thus, continue to help this vital town resource remain a center of culture, learning, and enjoyment for all Westfield residents.

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