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What We Do

The Foundation seeks to provide long-term support for the Westfield Memorial Library through a variety of fund-raising strategies. These include individual and corporate donations, fundraising events, long-term capital campaigns and legacy giving. All donations are tax deductible. The Foundation stands ready to assist the Library with large projects such as building or renovation campaigns; also with funding for programs and services that may be jeopardized because of increased pressure on local and state budgets.

The Foundation board consists of seven voting members, including a member of the Westfield Memorial Library Board, plus the Library director. Funding requests from the Library are put to a vote by the Foundation Board. Board members are all volunteers, and there is no professional staff. This helps keep expenses to a minimum. The Foundation and its board operate independently from the Town of Westfield and exist solely to enhance the Library and its development. All funding for the Library from the Town of Westfield or the State of New Jersey is separate from the support or gifts generated by the Foundation.

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